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Covid-19 Update

Danson Angling is now open again under the Government guidelines.

We still have large stocks and Mail order is still available.

Also we are taking Boilie orders for fishing trips.

We will keep you informed if anything changes!

So thank you for all your support from us at Danson Angling.


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Seatbox Accessories - Page 2

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Preston Venta-Lite Hoodie Side Tray XL

Regular price £119.99 Price £109.99
In Stock
An Preston Venta-Lite Hoodie Side Tray XL. is large enough to keep a huge amount of bait undercover and away from the rain or sun, simply lift the...
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  • -£10.00

Preston Deluxe KitSafe

Regular price £99.99 Price £89.99
In Stock
The Preston Deluxe KitSafe is the ultimate top kit roost providing the angler with a highly versatile and stable solution to storing top kits and...
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Preston Triple Rod Support

Price £19.99
In Stock
The OffBox 36 Preston Triple Rod Support is ideal for storing up to 3 rods whilst fishing. We've spent a long time testing and devloping the...

Preston EVA Bowl and Hoop

Price £29.99
In Stock
A waterproof Preston EVA Bowl and Hoop, for attaching directly to seatbox or platform legs. Collapsible for easy storage and transportation....
  • New

Preston Pro Feeder Arm

Price £54.99
In Stock
The OffBox 36 Preston Pro Feeder Arm unique design makes it one of the strongest and most stable feeder arms on the market. It has dual fixing...