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Covid-19 Update

Danson Angling is now open again under the Government guidelines.

We still have large stocks and Mail order is still available.

Also we are taking Boilie orders for fishing trips.

We will keep you informed if anything changes!

So thank you for all your support from us at Danson Angling.





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Preston Commercial Punch Kit

Price £17.99
Out of Stock
The Preston Commercial Punch Kit is ideal for creating perfect hookbaits, while also keeping them fresh from the outside elements, something...
  • New

Guru Catapult

Price £8.99
In Stock
Let us introduce the best Guru Catapult on the block! It’s easily the most versatile ’pult available today and here’s why. Rather than just...
  • New

Guru Pole Elastic Connector

Price £5.50
In Stock
The Guru Pole Elastic Connector has been designed to offer a secure and functional connection between the elastic and the pole rig. The coated...
  • New

Guru Rig Case XL

Price £49.99
In Stock
The Guru Rig Case XL has been developed to allow people to carry large numbers of pre-tied hooklengths, all together in one place. A super-solid,...
  • New
Showing 1-5 of 5 item(s)