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Covid-19 Update

Danson Angling is now open again under the Government guidelines.

We still have large stocks and Mail order is still available.

Also we are taking Boilie orders for fishing trips.

We will keep you informed if anything changes!

So thank you for all your support from us at Danson Angling.


Line & Braid | Coarse & Match Fishing | Danson Angling

Line & Braid

Danson Angling offers a wide range of coarse & match fishing line and braid which include Guru N-Gauge line, Guru Pulse line, Preston Float Max, Preston Reflo Sinking Feeder Mono, Guru Pulse-8 Braid and Preston Absolute Feeder Braid. We stock coarse & match fishing line and braid from brands such as DaiwaPreston Innovations and Guru...

Line & Braid

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Daiwa Tournament Rigline

Price £10.25
In Stock
The Daiwa Tournament Rigline is a superb match line using low water abroption technology that creates high knot strength and high abrasion...

Preston Float Max

Price £5.99
In Stock
Preston Float Max is a neutrally buoyant reel line perfect for all float fishing applications from stick float fishing on small rivers through to...

Guru N-Gauge line

Price £4.99
In Stock
Guru N-Gauge line is a high-tech Japanese mono that’s as good as they come. One thing that the development team was adamant about was that the...

Guru Pulse line

Price £8.99
In Stock
Guru Pulse line is a reel line which takes advantage of the latest line technology with low-stretch and high abrasion resistance coupled with...

Guru Pulse-8 Braid

Price £21.99
In Stock
Guru Pulse-8 Braid is a top quality eight carrier braid main line - eight carrier means it’s produced used eight tightly woven fine strands,...

Preston Shot/Stotz Pliers

Price £17.99
In Stock
• Designed to be used with both Shot & Stotz • Provides even pressure to prevent line damage • Built in Stotz removal tool • Spring...
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Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)