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Guru Aventus 3000 Reel

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As our wide range of products continue to expand at Tackle Guru, we feel this is the perfect 

time to introduce our flagship Guru Aventus 3000 Reel.

Utilising the highest quality suppliers throughout the development of the Aventus reels has 

been a vital factor in producing the most reliable and high performing range of reels 


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Guru Aventus 3000 Reel

So, what sets the Guru Aventus 3000 Reel apart? These reels feature some of the most advanced 

technology to date, enabling us to introduce a modern and versatile range of flagship reels 

to the market. The major goal of the Aventus reel project was to create the highest quality

reel available, one that accompanied our various different product ranges perfectly. 


We understand that modern day fishing demands two essential requirements: power and 

durability! Anglers are putting their tackle through some extreme conditions, whether that 

be casting and winding in thousands of times in a single session or battling with hard fighting carp. The Guru Aventus 3000 Reel needed to have the strength and stamina to withstand this 

wear and tear. Applying a top-spec Japanese MPG/Machine Power Gear significantly 

improves the reels durability over time and constructing the reels with a super strong outer 

casing offered superior winding power. These two key features combined have established 

a reel that has the perfect balance of power and endurance. 

Attention to Detail 

One of the main characteristics you’ll notice about the Aventus reels is the attention to

detail on both the aesthetic designs and the reels key features. We’ve invested a lot of time 

and effort into ensuring this reel not only looks modern and stylish, but also achieves 

optimum performance. 


Having total control of your drag is essential, especially when you’re playing big powerful 

fish. The Zero 90 Speed Drag enables you to take full control of every fight, featuring a super 

smooth that can be altered instantly, coupling up with an advanced anti-drag this is the 

ultimate fish playing control system. 

Aventus Reel’s - Key Features 

- Aluminimun body 

- Auminum forged spool 

- Distance Safety Clip 

- Machine Power Gear

- G-Blade 

- G-Lite Rotor 

- G-Lite Power Bail 

- Line Control Roller

- One touch folding handle 

- 8 Sealed Ball Bearings 

The 3000 Aventus reel is perfectly suited to short range feeder work and waggler fishing, on 

both natural and commercial venues. The smaller 3000 model features a compact body

which makes it much easier to manoeuvre over long periods of time, particularly important 

when you’re pellet waggler fishing, for example. The reel weighs in at just 335g which is 

lightweight considering its power and durability. This lighter design again suits short range

waggler and feeder fishing to a tee.

Aventus 3000 Key Features 

- Weight – 335g 

- Spool dia. – front dia 54mm 

- Gear Ratio – 4:7:1

- Max Drag – 7kg 

- Retrieve/Crank – 79cm

- Handle Arm – 50mm 

- Handle Knob – I shape EVA 

- Line Capacity – 8lb 220 yards/0.23mm 200m | 10lb 165 yards/0.26mm 150m | 12lb 

140 yards/0.28mm 130m

- Spare Spool Included

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